Production Club

Clients who are members of the Production Club participate in the assembly and manufacture of parts and products for industry. The club is a part of the facility based group activities program. Clients are paid for their production based on “piece- rate commensurate wages”. The program utilizes commensurate wage rates that are governed by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.

Our production Club is a unique Industrial Resource:

  • A custom labor force is available to meet the needs of the industrial community.
  • We expand an industry’s capability by providing additional floor space in our factory, assisting in meeting production deadlines without hiring additional employees.
  • We screen employees and work with management to arrange for and train a labor force to work inside or outside commissioning industry.

Production Club Saves Industry Time and Money:

  • By eliminating hiring and firing process.
  • By reducing fringe benefits cost.
  • By reducing job set up cost.
  • By reducing or eliminating costly overtime for full-time employees.

Production Club Representatives:

  • Bids competitively for any job, free of charge.
  • Handle cumbersome materials and jobs.
  • Rework any manufactured items (pricing, corrections, relabeling, etc.).
  • Assist with short term and/or peak orders.
  • Provide additional manufacturing space and labor force.
  • May provide pickup and delivery.

Fitness Club

CCTC has a state of the art Fitness Center recently upgraded and retrofitted by the “Friends of the ARC” and the “Carroll County ARC”. Fitness Club members participate in regular scheduled workouts utilizing a “circuit training” approach similar to Curves.

Clients at CCTC who wish to participate in the Fitness Club activities must provide us with appropriate medical release information. CCTC has machines that someone in a wheel chair can roll up to and work their arms only by peddling. We have treadmills to encourage balance and stamina. We have weights that can strap onto an arm or leg if the hand or foot isn’t strong enough to support the weight. We also have many other machines including the elliptical, weight benches, sit up benches, stationary bicycles, various weights, etc. This enables our consumers to exercise as light or as strenuous as they like and still feel very independent. Each machine is used by each consumer for two minutes before time to change to the next machine. We use very upbeat music for fitness and everyone knows that when the music stops, it is time to shift to the next machine. We use upbeat music because we believe that you should have fun while getting into shape and we are constantly looking for new music to keep it from becoming boring.

Consumers are able to participate in fitness club four times per week. Each class has their own time to participate. Two days per week they work out in the fitness room, and the other two days are spent doing  Zumba, Walk Slim or practicing Dance Ability in the workshop with peers. Each exercise class is 30 minutes long, with a “cool down” walk.

Movie Club

Each month our lunchroom is transformed into a movie theater complete with big screen and surround sound stereo. No movie is complete without fresh popped popcorn from our own popcorn popper. All movie goers enter the theater after putting their tickets into the ticket box. Tickets are earned by the consumers for that month’s admittance into the theater. Also, three lucky tickets are drawn from the ticket box for door prizes! Each class submits their choice for a movie they would like to see and each month one of those choices is shown. Consumers then sit back and enjoy the opportunity to watch the month’s selection such as “ Indiana Jones”, “ Star Wars”, “Marley and Me”, ”Polar Express”, and the list goes on!

Art Club

Participants in the Art Club attend art classes weekly supervised by a trained instructor. Members of the Art Club work on individual as well as group art projects designed to enhance and improve their art skills. The club is designed to provide a therapeutic, relaxed art participation experience and uses a variety of mediums to achieve this objective.

Garden Club

The Garden Club was implemented in the spring of 2010. My goal was for all consumers at CCTC, no matter what their disability, to have hands on approach to the joys of growing their own food. They also get to experience the pride of planting a seed or seedling and nurturing it into adulthood. The facility based group activities program provides many of the attributes that people need in everyday life; like patience, cooperation, teamwork, respect for peers and mother nature. Planting a garden reinforces these social skills as well as recycling and education about how the Earth gives to us and how we should give back. We provide beautification for the inside of the center by providing potted plants to create a comforting home-like atmosphere. We also plant the vegetable garden, flowers and trees outside around the center. You can see the pride in their faces when community members compliment them on how wonderful it looks.

The Garden Club Provides:

Food for the consumers, staff and their families
Education from the Carroll County Master Gardeners
Self Esteem by reaching a goal
Exercise for consumers in a fresh air environment

Music Club

The Music Club meets every Monday at 1pm. We have several volunteers who come in to perform for or to sing and dance with our consumers. We provided bells, tambourines, maracas, and other hand instruments so that the consumers can play along.

Twice each month is Dance Ability led by Lisa Dent. Our consumers recently performed with Ms. Dent at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center.

Other music volunteers include Les Cogen, Betty Bice, Jan Watts, Bob Reeves, Paul Shelnut, Bob Henderson, Karan Vance, The Mt. Zion Jr. Beta Club, and The Temple Dancing Darlings.

We are always seeking volunteers to enhance our Music Club.

Contact Bethany Collins to volunteer or donate.

Bicycle Club

Participation in the Bicycle Club enables a person to maintain their health. Riding a bicycle is a good way to relieve stress and is a good cardio vascular work out. It gives you freedom and independence to be your own person. We have several varieties of bicycles to choose from, such as three wheeled bicycles, mountain bicycles, and bicycles with assisted wheels to help those who are unsure of their balance. Male and female bicycles are available in different sizes and colors.

We require a signed permission form from parents/guardians before joining the bicycle club.

So come join our bicycle club and share the joy of your independence as you pedal yourself to good health.



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