Job Title: SS: Client Support Worker (WL)       Part Time Position in CAG Level I
Job Code: 10006
Last Update: 02/20/2016
Salary Plan: Statewide Salary Plan (SWD)
Competitive Salaries
Vacation and Sick Time

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

  1. Arranges for needed medical care and provides needed services to assure that medical care is obtained
  2. Assists in presentation of educational group lectures related to appropriate topics
  3. Assists with the development of an individual service/treatment plan for each assigned consumer/student
  4. Cares for individuals and families during periods of incapacitation, family disruption or convalescence, providing companionship, personal care, and help in adjusting to new lifestyles
  5. Counsels and advises clients on behavioral problems, daily decision-making, and the resolution of minor problems
  6. Instructs and advises clients/residents on daily living skills and/or community access individual services in a one-on-one community setting or group instruction
  7. Observes and monitors client behavior
  8. Participates in case reviews, consulting with the team to evaluate the client’s needs and plan for continuing services
  9. Performs housekeeping duties, such as cleaning, washing clothes and dishes, and running errands
  10. Plans, shops for, and prepares meals, including special diets, and assists families in planning, shopping for, and preparing nutritious meals
  11. Prepares and maintains records of client progress and services performed, reporting changes in client condition to manager or supervisor
  12. Provides transportation for clients/residents to appointments and activities

Sample Technical Competencies:

  1. Ability to observe and monitor participants’ behavior.
  2. Ability to assist and supervise participants with daily living activities.
  3. Ability to develop individualized plans.
  4. Ability to provide training and/or orientation services to participants.
  5. Ability to participate in supportive guidance, staff supervision sessions, program planning meetings, consumer staffing and service training.
  6. Ability to complete evaluations to determine functional level of participants.

Entry Qualifications:

One year experience providing social or direct care services to groups of special needs individuals in a human services setting OR Associate degree in a related field OR One year experience at the lower level or position equivalent Note: Some positions may require a valid driver’s license

Preferred Qualifications:

 Submit all applications and resumes’ to Human Resources – Attention Jodie Wren